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Date Updated : 06/01/2011
Issues with developing using the SDK such as:

- Having problems creating a pointer to the the COM object (API).
- The Sample application will not work.
- Unable to run the devloped application
- Unable to create pointers to iCamDeviceControl and iCamIris
- Having a problem with the Open(ipAddr,SerialNumber, lResult) functio which returns an error of 0x84000014

iData SDK depends on .NET Framework 1.1. at this time (By default Vista and often Windows 7 do not include .NET Framework 1.1.) 

Without the .NET 1.1, the Sample application will not work regardless of the OS or type of Sample application that is being used. Therefore .NET Framework 1.1. needs to be installed on Vista machine.

Additionally, all SDK DLLs and sample apps must be runnable in DEP-enabled machine on any sSDK supported Operating System being used.

When experiencing issues related to DEP support (often found in Vista and NXCOMPAT option in VS2005/2008 compilers) please consider the following resolution to resolve

Our iData SDK has been compiled using VS2003 and the compiler of VS2003 does not support /NXCOMPAT option whereas VS2005 & VS2008 compiler uses this option.

The sample console application will run well on Vista if compiled with VS2003. If VS2005/2008 compiler are used on Vista, then the NXCOMPAT option has to be removed from PE header of the generated executable. This can be done using the following method (please see attacged image for detail):

  1. Open visual studio command prompt as shown.
  2. Execute [editbin.exe /NXCOMPAT:NO mysampleapp.exe]
  3. Run mysampleapp.exe.

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