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Date : 8/9/2011
Cranbury, NJ, August 9, 2011 - Iris ID Systems Inc. formerly LG Electronics, Iris Technology Division., a leading provider of iris biometric technology, announced today that the company has been award a Biometric Automated Toolset-Army (BAT-A) contract by the U.S. Army through GTSI for IrisAccess® iCAM TD100.

This contract will provide war fighters mobile biometric devices to assist in real-time identification of persons of interest in the field. The award covers a 16-month period and will be executed as part of GTSI's contract with the federal government. BAT-A includes an enrollment kit consisting of a laptop and attached biometric collection devices capable of enrollment, verification, and identity detection persons of interest in the field including iCAM TD100 from Iris ID for Iris and face capture.

"We are excited to have our product selected for the BAT-A program in support of our war fighters and positions Iris ID as a technology leader to our continual efforts to provide unparalleled solution and services, to our valued customers", commented Charles Koo, President and CEO, Iris ID Systems Inc. "This selection is a testament to the fundamental impact that IRIS ID has made to the growth of iris recognition technology in the global marketplace. Iris ID is committed to delivering best-in-class products that serve the Army's mission-critical needs."

IrisAccess iCAM TD100 is a portable multi modal face/iris image capturing, USB enabled device hence is suitable for bundling with mobile jump-kit when used at the registration offices and in the field. With its proven reliability, accuracy and high-speed image capturing, the device is a very good fit for the project. Fully automatic dual iris image capture and quality analysis routines are available as a part of the SDK API set for the field application of the iCAM TD100. Iris and face capture are performed by the operator extending their arm from the face capture distance to the iris capture distance from 30 inches to 15 inches.

About Iris ID Systems Inc.
Iris ID Systems Inc., formerly a division of LG Electronics USA known as LG IRIS, has been active in iris recognition research, development and production since 1997. Today U.S.-based Iris ID Systems is a global player in the iris recognition business. IrisAccess is the world’s leading deployed iris recognition platform and in thousands of locations authenticating the identities of millions and millions of persons. More people look to IrisAccess for iris-based authentication that to all other iris recognition products combined. To find out more, visit
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